Private Yacht Proposal in Paris

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 Transfer to your private yacht before sunset
 Cruise the Seine before turning at the Eiffel Tower and proposing
 Open a bottle of champagne
 Return to dock

Available: Daily


Board the Maassluis for an intimate tour of Paris along the Seine, in the calm of late morning or the afternoon, when the city really starts to come alive. The blue and white hulled private yacht stretches 12 meters long, yet can pass through the locks of the Canal St Martin, as well as along the Seine, with ease.

Float past Ile St. Louis and the Notre Dame cathedral, watching from the boat’s large main deck as cafés fill up in the Latin Quarter and accordion players capture the attention of all who cross bridges over the Seine. Ask your fiancée to marry you as you approach the Eiffel Tower and a bottle of champagne is popped to celebrate.

The Maasluis yacht is an affordable luxury solution for a Champagne cruise with a light meal. The boat is well maintained in impeccable condition offering passengers a high quality of comfort and if it rains you can enjoy the interior, which was designed with the the finest wood and installed with the most advanced technology of the time and is still in use including solar panels. On board there is hot and cold water, a toilet, refrigerators, heating, and sound system. The main deck is exceptionally large and allows you to enjoy great views of Paris as the boat sails along the classic route passing all the main monuments and turning at the small Statue of Liberty returning past the Eiffel Tower.