Proposal with a Song

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 Meet your guide and stroll the 19th century passages
 Stop at the Palais Royal to propose
 Our hidden photographer will capture the moment

Available: Daily


Walk under the luminous glass roofs of Paris’ covered passages, many of which now feature high-end designer stores, tearooms, and restaurants. A two-hour tour will take you through the passages - known to many as arcades - transporting you back to 19th century Paris.

Finish your tour at the foot of the Palais Royal, steps from the Louvre and the Galerie Vivienne passage. This passage was built in 1823 and is one of the most iconic covered passages in all of Paris, boasting colorful mosaics and countless stores.

But the pinnacle of your tour is at the Palais Royal, where you will be met by our opera singer. Absorb centuries of French history as you and your fiancée are serenaded by a beautiful love song in the center of Paris, next to one of the most historic buildings in the city. First home to Cardinal Richelieu and later as property of the King, the Palais housed royalty for centuries before transforming to the government building it is today. Let the history and magic of Paris wash over you as your proposal surmounts the song’s crescendo, leaving you both with a memory to last a lifetime.